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About Us

Stir Fresh was started by a family of Mongolian Barbeque eaters with 25 years of mongolian dining experience. When relocating to San Diego County in 1996, we could not find a Mongolian Barbeque restaurant, so we opened our own. We serve Mongolian Barbeque in the traditional way, with the finest of ingredients including white breast chicken and the traditional sesame seed pocket biscuit (shau Bin).

We are proud of our operation and hope you enjoy it.

An interesting grill:

The large stir fry grill in the center of the restaurant is 60 inches in diameter and 1 inch in thickness. It is composed of two layers of stainless steel with a layer of copper between the steel. Heated by a unique gas stove with four burners, this grill can reach a maximum temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
Something to know about Mongolian BBQ:

Mongolian barbecue was originally invented by Genghis Khan while he and his brave calvary men were on their expeditions across the world.

They would thinly slice meat, add a little salt, and use their sabers to stir fry the meat on an iron shield. Using this method, the food can be prepared and served within a few minutes.

After the Mongolians conquered China in the 13th century, the Chinese modified the taste by adding fresh vegetables and special sauces. The dish is served with traditional Chinese biscuits called "shao bin", steamed rice, and soup, making Mongolian barbecue a historic and artistic cuisine.
Mongolia Geographic Features:

Mongolia is the largest landlock country in the world, located between China and Russia. The area covers approximately 600,000 square miles with an average altitude of 5,200 feet. The country is separated into two regions: the Gobi Desert in the south and the Khangi in the north. The Gobi Desert is mostly dry grassland, while the Khangi consists of vast mountain ranges, deep valleys, salt lakes and elevated steppes.

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